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What is your target market?

We cater to any company in the world who wants to leverage technology in their business processes.

What do you do as a team?

Where are you operating from?

We have a fully-automated office located at Sumel Business Park 6 in the locality of Shahibaug, Ahmedabad City.

What is the reason why I should work with you?

Because we help you find the best technology and then do the development and not just suggest according to our strengths.

What is the benefit of working with your team?

When you let our team work for you, you get a variety of options to build a single application and support.

What is your Project Management or Systems Development Life Cycle?

  • 1. First, the project comes in.
  • 2. The project is then given to the Technology Head to work on it in phases.
  • 3. The Developers build it and the Technology Head is constantly in touch with the client.
  • 4. After each phase, a confirmation of completed phase is taken from the client.
  • 5. Work is delivered and closed. Support is provided for 2 months after delivery.

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